We are a major dealer of WESTERN® snow plows and spreaders, stocking plows to fit most major new vehicles.  We also provide professional sales, installation and servicing not only of WESTERN® snow removal products, but also for MEYERS® ,FISHER®, and other top manufacturers.  For over a half century WESTERN® snowplows have blazed a trail through the worst conditions winter has had to offer.  Over these years, as times and trucks have changed, a whole “family” of WESTERN® plows has evolved.  The exclusive WESTERN® Roll-Action TM blade is designed to roll snow ahead and to the side instead of just pushing a static load. This action gives your vehicle a power reserve as it moves snow with ease. You move more snow faster using less power, saving fuel and reducing wear and tear on both the truck and plow.

Use Western’s guide to select you plow

WESTERN® UltraMount® System
The simplest snowplow attaching and detaching system ever. 
After driving into the receiver brackets, simply grab the shoe handle and pull it up – the spring loaded shoe will pop up.  Next, pull the lock pin and rotate the handle up.  Repeat this step on the other side.  Plug in the two electrical connections in and your ready to go.
A rotating PIVOT BAR allows the drive in points to remain level – even when the blade is on uneven terrain, always providing you with:

1. Accurate drive in alignment.
2. A blade that can pivot whem plowing for a cleaner scrape on uneven ground.

The two receiver brackets are easily removed providing greater off-season ground clearance.
FloStat FloStat® Hydraulic System

  • Designed specifically for snow plow application
  • Provides fast, reliable lifting and angling
  • Uses standard ATF
Solenoid Control Solenoid Control Option

  • Compact to fit anywhere
  • On/Off indicator light
  • Plug-in connector allows easy removal
FloStat CABCOMMAND Control Option

  • All blade functions right in the palm of your hand
  • Power “on” and “float” LED with automatic shut-off
  • Five foot coil cord for mobility
Below is a sampling of plows available from WESTERN®.  No matter what size truck you own, WESTERN® has custom designed vehicle mountings and blade attaching components that assure the right connecting link between your truck and their blade.   For more information, please feel free to contact us.  Your satisfaction is our prime concern.
Western Standard Plow
Western LSX Plow
Western Pro Plow
Standard Plow
LSX Plow
Pro & Pro Plus Plow
Western Poly Plow
Western MVP Plow
Western Heavyweight Plow
Poly Plow
MVP Plow
Heavyweight Plow

Use Western’s guide to select you plow

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